Warranty & Guarantees

2 Year Unlimited Kilometre Warranty

Our 2 Year Unlimited Kilometre Warranty Covers Parts and Labour costs for any repair done by us where we have supplied the part and carried out the fitting of the part and the vehicle is a passenger vehicle used under Normal Operating Conditions.

Not covered by the warranty are any vehicles used as a courier vehicle or a taxi’s, commercial vehicles, four wheel drive vehicles that are used for off road purposes, any vehicle that is used in a sport/off road/track environment and all vehicles where the cause of the fault/failure is determined by us to be caused by the misuse of the part/vehicle or a modification of the part/vehicle or caused by failure of another part/component causing damage to the part under warranty.

From time to time when a part is recommended to be replaced by us genuine or equivalent aftermarket parts may not be available for certain vehicles OR excessively priced. If at this time you (the customer) choose to fit a part which IS available at the time OR is cheaper than a brand recommended by us, warranty of that part will be limited to the warranty period given by the part manufacturer. A 2 year warranty will still remain on the labour component although if it is a part failure and the part is no longer covered by warranty, labour costs to replace the faulty parts will charged.


Your Car Fixed Right First Time OR We’ll Give You Your Money Back AND Fix it For FREE!

If your vehicle is repaired by us, to our standards, using parts recommended and supplied by us, and your is not repaired to satisfactory standards due to misdiagnosis or poor quality workmanship, we will refund your money AND fix your car for FREE!

When we quote you a price on a service, we guarantee that you will not be charged more than the quoted price unless we have contacted you to get your permission to replace any extra parts required at the time of service, or in the event that the service may take longer than expected due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be notified and of the problem and grant permission before work proceeds. Should we not be able to contact you in a reasonable amount of time then at our discretion we will proceed with the work required chargeable to you OR put the job on hold until contact is made which may result in the job not being completed in the allocated time period.

If We Can’t Fix Your Car You Won’t Be Charged a Cent, No Matter How Long We Spend On It!

In the unlikely event that we are unable to satisfactorily determine the cause of a fault, you will not be charged for labour as we have not rectified your problem. Should you request that we stop investigating the fault before we have exhausted all avenues required to correctly identifying the fault, then time spent on diagnosing the fault up until this stage will be charged.

Guaranteed No Parts Replaced Unnecessarily OR We’ll Refund 100% of Your Money AND You Keep the New Parts!

We find there’s nothing our customers hate more than having parts on their car replaced that just didn’t need replacing so we commit to not replace ANY parts unnecessarily. All parts will be available for inspection before we dispose of them or for you to take home with you if you choose to. If any parts that we replaced by our recommendation, were supplied and fitted by us and are found to have been replaced unnecessarily, we will refund 100% of your part and labour cost to fit the part AND better yet, You still get to keep the new part.