Car Battery Flat, Again?

Carite Auto Repairs is a proud stockist of Super Start Automotive Batteries, Australia’s leading automotive battery.  

( Mobile fitting service available )

Why Choose a Super Start Battery From Carite Auto Repairs?

Super Start Batteries, The Worlds Best Automotive Battery.

Super Start Batteries, The Worlds Best Automotive Battery.

  • SSB Automotive batteries are developed  in Australia to meet the demanding conditions of modern vehicles in our harsh environment and carry a 2 Year unlimited kilometre warranty.
  • SSB Automotive batteries are fully sealed from the factory which means that they are 100% maintenance free, just install and forget. No need to add water – ever!
  • SSB Automotive batteries are the latest technology cast calcium batteries which means they far outperform traditional lead acid batteries, their high cranking ability and reserve capacity will rival just about any other high performance battery on the market, regardless of price.
  • Carite Auto Repairs test your cars charging system to ensure that your new battery’s life expectancy isn’t compromised by a poorly performing alternator or excessive current draw.
  • Unlike high-end fashion accessories there is no benefit in paying for a brand name when it comes to car batteries, what you get is the latest technology and the best quality at the best price backed with some of the best warranties in the business.

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